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What We Do

We promote lifelong health and wellness through research and education. Since the inception of the Cooper Center Longitudinal Study (CCLS), our researchers have been able to utilize study data to investigate the benefits of healthy living as well as preventive care and share our findings with the world. Our youth programs have helped instill lifelong healthy habits among children across the country. We continue to raise awareness about the benefits of healthy living, locally and around the world.  

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Research that changes the world

For more than five decades, our research team has examined critical prevention topics.  The research conducted by The Cooper Institute has not only proven that "exercise is medicine," but has also answered questions on how to live a healthier life at any age.

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Youth Initiatives

Creating a culture of health

Improving youth health and fitness through evidence-based programs and initiatives is a primary focus at The Cooper Institute. By educating, motivating and preparing students through our youth programs and initiatives today, we help create the healthy leaders of tomorrow.

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Making an Impact

Thank you, Dr. Cooper. Let us hope and pray that your research, knowledge and message of preventive health will sweep through all countries and prevail over the new plagues of obesity, diabetes and related diseases and will bring health, happiness and peace to our good earth!
Dan Little, Attorney, Little Law Firm
The FitnessGram Assessment is critical as it is the only tool available to help students understand their level of health based on their fitness. It provides them with self-reflection and progress which is an excellent motivator for students.
Felicia Ceaser-White, Curriculum Manager for the Houston Independent School District

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