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Improving health through lifestyle research

Explore and discover how our research and education can improve your lifelong health. Generous donations fund preventive medicine and physical activity research that impacts health across the globe.

We investigate, inform and inspire people of all ages to make healthy choices and live Well. Into the Future.


Our world-class researchers investigate the impact preventive medicine and regular exercise have on overall wellness.


We inform the public of the latest research findings to encourage people to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles.


We inspire others to live long, healthy lives by advocating for resources, programs and laws that place wellness and healthy aging within reach.

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Research for healthy lives

Everything we share at The Cooper Institute is grounded in research. We are internationally recognized for our work in preventive medicine, exercise science and obesity. Our findings related to healthy living continue to impact global health and inspire major organizations to follow our lead.

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Our principal research asset

The Cooper Center Longitudinal Study (CCLS) is one of the largest, most highly-referenced, and longest studies with measured cardiorespiratory fitness in the world. We work with world-renowned scientists to explore this study. Findings from the CCLS established the links between fitness and heart disease, dementia, healthcare costs and more.

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Youth programs for healthy habits

Research shows fit students perform better inside and outside the classroom. With that in mind, we set children up for success by encouraging healthy habits at a young age. Placing facts and figures in front of children is not effective, so we make being healthy FUN with our youth-focused programs.

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Foundation to Fitness

This special program allows our Cooper Institute friends and family members to leave their own unique, indelible imprint on the sidewalk in front of the Cooper Clinic North. Tentatively, any brick orders made during Phase II will be installed in late Fall of 2023.

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Latest Blogs

Swimming for Summer and All Year Long
June 2, 2023
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Swimming for Summer and All Year Long

Summertime is coming and it is time to get in the water! Children swim for fun, to beat the heat, and in competitive sports all year long. With an increase in various water activities available during the summer, it is important for youth to be strong swimmers for safety, both in and around water.

Is Whole Grain Intake Associated with Morbidity and Mortality?
May 31, 2023
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Is Whole Grain Intake Associated with Morbidity and Mortality?

Popular diets come and go. While no longer nearly as popular as it was a decade ago, a major emphasis of the Paleo Diet is to avoid grains, including whole grains. Although there is no scientific evidence to support this notion, Paleo enthusiasts claim that grains ‘cause inflammation’, which leads to an increased risk of chronic disease (morbidity) and early death (mortality). Before we look at what the science says, let’s review the basics regarding grains.

Do Cardio Fitness Level and Body Mass Index During the Teenage Years Predict Disability in Men Later in Life?
May 24, 2023
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Do Cardio Fitness Level and Body Mass Index During the Teenage Years Predict Disability in Men Later in Life?

Do fitness and body weight status during the teenage years have any association with the risk of disability later in life? To help answer this question, researchers published results on over one million Swedish male adolescents between the ages of 16 and 19, who were drafted into the military between 1972 and 1994.



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What The Cooper Institute means to me

The Cooper Institute is important to me because the research has given me and my brother the opportunity to extend our lives past our mother’s and grandfather’s age, and to live a healthy and productive life, free from disabling disease.

Dr. Cooper invited me to his clinic 20 years ago, and that began an enduring friendship that’s one of my fondest blessings. As a member of his board I saw his passion and concern for the health of all people up close and I think it would be very hard to overstate the positive impact his tremendous life and work have had on the world. I’m honored and privileged to support The Cooper Institute and help preserve Dr. Cooper’s legacy.

The Cooper Institute is addressing a major component of a healthy lifestyle and doing the research that backs up these claims. While most people know that exercise is important, statistically, most people do not get enough exercise for any number of reasons. The Cooper Institute is a strong force in educating the general public and even professionals to the benefits of adequate exercise!

The Cooper Institute is important for so many reasons. For me, it is important because it is one of the leading institutions that serves society with prevention messages. The Institute has been a forerunner in the area of preventive health to which has provided the world with information and guidance to obtain optimal health and prevent the unnecessary deaths, illnesses, and injuries that occur daily. The Institute, in all of its capacities, is the best medicine that has ever been prescribed!

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