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Cooper Center Longitudinal Study


data points per clinical examination—that is what makes the Cooper Center Longitudinal Study (CCLS) one of the most highly-referenced population-based studies in the world


study participants followed in the CCLS


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The preventive power of fitness

From a shoebox to a world-renowned study

Dr. Cooper has devoted his life to improving the health and well-being of the greater Dallas community and the world. He founded The Cooper Institute in June 1970, six months prior to opening the Cooper Clinic. In the early days of his practice, he collected consented patient data on index cards stored in a shoebox with the goal of proving prevention works. This represented the promising beginning of the public-private partnership between The Cooper Institute and Cooper Clinic.

That shoebox has evolved into what is now a world-renowned study of measured fitness. The Cooper Center Longitudinal Study (CCLS) contains more than 2.2 million person-years of observation from more than 116,000 healthy participants allowing research that informs and directs healthy living and preventive medical care.

The esteemed geneticist, Jonathan Cohen, PhD said of the CCLS, "You can go anywhere to study sick people; the CCLS is the only place to study healthy people." For more than 50 years, The Cooper Institute has proven higher fitness levels are associated with a dramatic decrease of dying from all causes, lower risk of cardiovascular disease and lower risk of dementia and certain cancer.

The CCLS is the largest and longest study in the world with measured fitness.  Our study is sought out by investigators from Texas, the US and other countries around the world to answer scientific questions focused on improving wellness with positive health behaviors and preventive medicine. CCLS research has been translated into recommendations, guidelines and programs to help Americans and the world live healthier lives.

A gift to The Cooper Institute helps ensure we are able to support a healthy and safe world through prevention, physical activity, and healthy living. Join us as we continue our life-changing research and education to allow all of us to live Well. Into the Future.


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