The Cooper Institute and GreenLight Credentials announce GreenLight Fitness, a strategic partnership to enhance FitnessGram


DALLAS, Jan. 18, 2022 -- FitnessGram is the nation's leading software solution promoting and supporting student fitness. GreenLight is the nation's leading blockchain platform for student records management. The partnership combines The Cooper Institute's decades of research and science expertise supporting FitnessGram, with GreenLight Credentials, LLC unparalleled software development, operations, and records management strengths.

This strategic collaboration with GreenLight Fitness will empower students and educational institutions alike to administer, store and share fitness records securely, conveniently, and affordably. FitnessGram assesses health-related components of fitness for more than 10 million students across the country in over 10,000 schools.

In 1982, FitnessGram, by The Cooper Institute, was born as the "first student fitness report card" to give meaningful feedback about student fitness levels and support physical education in schools. FitnessGram assesses the physical fitness of a child based on the peer reviewed, scientifically-established Healthy Fitness Zone® standards shown to indicate a lower risk of chronic diseases later in life. Data from FitnessGram can drive decisions, allowing students, parents, teachers, and administrators to make positive changes, and build the healthy habits needed to be successful well into the future.

"As physical activity and physical education levels continue to decline during the pandemic, it is extremely important to keep youth fit as our research has demonstrated that it is associated with better academics," said Dr. Laura DeFina, President and Chief Executive Officer at The Cooper Institute. "This partnership will help students, their families, educators, and administrators ensure they have the necessary data to drive decisions related to activity and PE and to live healthier lives."

"Our partnership with the Cooper Institute broadens GreenLight's commitment to using, storing, and sharing data vital to advancing student success," said Bill Searight, President of GreenLight Fitness. "We look forward to building exciting new capabilities to extend Fitnessgram's legacy, and helping coaches and students attain their fitness and academic goals."

GreenLight's mission is to accelerate educational and career opportunities by simplifying administrative processes and opening more doors for learning and employment. GreenLight is the world's largest blockchain-secured ledger of verified life-long learning records, health and related credentials. GreenLight is leading the way in connecting and streamlining how these records are stored, shared, and instantly verified from practically any device, anywhere, at any time. GreenLight Credentials empowers individuals to control their digital credentials, deepening trust among users, high schools, colleges, employers and others, while improving outcomes and unlocking value for all. To learn more about GreenLight Credentials' Digital Locker, visit

FitnessGram by The Cooper Institute is the leading evidence-based physical fitness assessment to promote health-related fitness for millions of students across the country. The assessment results allow school leaders, educators, and policymakers to make data-driven decisions that improve student health, and are part of The Cooper Institute's mission to promote life-long health and wellness through research and education. To learn more, visit or

January 18, 2022