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At The Cooper Institute, we raise awareness with local, state and federal officials about policies that improve health and wellness.


Advocacy at The Cooper Institute

We work with public health advocates and coalitions to educate and help advance policies on topics including physical fitness assessments, physical education requirements and tobacco control. A member of The Cooper Institute serves in leadership positions with numerous public health coalitions and workgroups around the country, and we utilize our science and research to help guide our input on the numerous public health policies across the country.

We continue to be a trusted voice on critical public health issues, and a driving force behind legislative solutions. From removing barriers relating to physical activity to providing schools much-needed resources for creating healthier environments, we work with all levels of government to bring about common-sense public health policies that make living Well. Into the Future easier for everyone.


Lend us your passion, expertise and voice

as we advocate for a healthier future for our communities.