The Cooper Institute

Founded in 1970 by the "Father of Aerobics"
Kenneth H. Cooper MD, MPH



The Cooper Institute-Certified Personal Trainer (CI-CPT) program is undergoing an exciting transition that will enable our trainers to help more people embrace regular physical activity. The CI-CPT program is now merging with the American Council on Exercise (ACE) to bring you the best of both programs.

All Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainers are now officially
ACE Certified Personal Trainers.


Please contact ACE Fitness Customer Service for
Certification questions at 
888.825.3636, Ext. 782.

Watch this welcome message from our founder, Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, and Cedric X. Bryant, President and Chief Science Officer at ACE, for an explanation of what this means to our trainers.  


As an ACE-CPT, you will have access to their vast library of continuing education offerings and course materials. Like The Cooper Institute, ACE is a nonprofit and NCCA-accredited program that certifies exercise professionals and health coaches, sponsors original research, convenes experts on physical activity and health, works directly with community groups, and advocates for policies to get people from all walks of life moving.

If you are a current CI-CPT or a candidate for the program, please watch your mail and emails for more information from ACE in the coming weeks. ACE will carefully guide you through the process of joining their community.
You can also access the page here 

Decades ago, The Cooper Institute set out to demonstrate that exercise is the best preventive medicine. We’ve since become a leading scientific authority on the health benefits of regular physical activity, certifying thousands of personal trainers who have gone on to be among the most respected in the field. We are so proud of the work you do to improve health in our communities. By reaping the benefits of two great brands, you can do even more to help others achieve their goals while you achieve yours.