Preparing for a Policy Marathon

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Joel Romo
The Cooper Team
June 30, 2022

Just as one prepares for a marathon, planning for a policy campaign entails much of the same effort. What is the policy goal? How long will it take to get there? What is the route to success? Who will be supportive? What are the obstacles? With most of the legislative bodies in the country adjourned until 2023, our advocacy initiatives are going through reconditioning.

In preparation for the next marathon, or in this case, legislative session, our team is meeting with coalition partners, lawmakers and agency staff to determine where we need to spend more time preparing in order to be successful.

Is additional research needed? Should we attempt our proposals in a different method and who is not in the race with us that should be?

This preparation provides an opportunity to strengthen our message, identify additional volunteers, champions and an opportunity to inventory our resources. Tobacco control, strengthening physical education requirements, preserving physical fitness assessments, healthy eating, recess, vision health and mental health are just some of the policy areas we are exploring for 2023. Over the coming months, our team will be engaged with coalition workgroups on these and other children’s health issues and develop a legislative agenda that is reflective of The Cooper Institute’s mission.  We will begin rolling out our legislative agenda and engaging with key partners to help us train for the marathons that lie ahead of us in 2023. We welcome the opportunity to learn about an initiative you think might be of interest, or to provide you and your organization with a legislative update. To learn more about our legislative and external affairs initiatives, contact Joel Romo at or directly at 512-423-1598.

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