The Cooper Institute

Founded in 1970 by the "Father of Aerobics"
Kenneth H. Cooper MD, MPH


The Cooper Institute was founded in 1970 by
Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, the “Father of Aerobics,”
as a non-profit organization with a simple vision to prove that exercise is medicine.


For almost 50 years, The Cooper Institute has not only established the benefit of regular physical activity but helped provide links between fitness and many chronic and potentially preventable illnesses.


The Cooper Institute is dedicated to promoting life-long health and wellness through research and education.



Who We Are 

The Cooper Institute is dedicated to promoting life-long health and wellness worldwide through research and education. Founded by Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH, The Cooper Institute translates the latest scientific findings into proactive solutions that improve population health.

Key areas of focus are research, adult education, and youth programs. Through these initiatives, The Institute helps people lead better, longer lives now and Well. Into the Future.

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What We Do

For nearly five decades, The Cooper Institute; has provided the science behind the philosophy that exercise is medicine, and shown the world the positive effects that health and fitness have on quality and quantity of life.

We investigate the relationship between fitness and wellness, and inform on the latest findings of how fitness improves quality and quantity of life in an effort to inspire the world to better health now, and Well. Into the Future.








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The Institute offers a variety of giving opportunities, events, and volunteer engagement initiatives. Join us in ensuring that more people have the opportunity to experience good health.

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