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CI Launches Personal Training Education Course Online

Blending self-paced content with instructor-led sessions

Contact: Norma Hansen, (972) 341-3200

DALLAS (Aug. 19,  2010) – The Cooper Institute (CI) announces their Personal Training Education (PTE) course available online today. Now participants can learn online from the leading fitness experts, Dallas-based CI instructors - anytime, anyplace. Powered by the eCollege® platform, participants earn a certificate of completion and are prepared to earn the Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer (CI-CPT) credential.

“Since 1970, The Cooper Institute has been leading the world to better health, and now, our students will be able to access our information and instructors when and where they like,” said Laura Fast, M.B.A., director of eLearning.

The new online course will feature live sessions with CI instructors and self-paced content, plus chat rooms, discussion boards, and Q&A sessions. The live sessions are also available for access anytime during the 90-day course timeline. The online PTE course is built on 40 years of fundamental scientific research in the field of physical activity from The Cooper Institute.

“Gaining knowledge and education is key to preparing for a career as a Certified Personal Trainer. The Cooper Institute is world renowned for its dynamic education programs and also offers its nationally accredited Certified Personal Trainer exam in testing centers across the United States.  Being able to access the education and testing locally is a powerful combination for future personal trainers,” said Mike Harper, M.S., director of professional education and curriculum. 

About The Cooper Institute
The Cooper Institute (CI), established in 1970, by Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D., M.P.H., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit globally dedicated to preventive medicine research and education. Dr. Cooper is widely considered the “Father of Aerobics” and is credited with sparking today’s fitness movement. Now CI is redefining health as a leader in reversing childhood obesity. CI’s FITNESSGRAM® is the fitness assessment of choice in schools across Texas and the U.S.
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