The Cooper Institute

Founded in 1970 by the "Father of Aerobics"
Kenneth H. Cooper MD, MPH


TMA Foundation Awards Grant to The Cooper Institute

The Texas Medical Association Foundation recently awarded The Cooper Institute a $2500 grant for their Our Kids' Health initiative.  Our Kids' Health was designed to improve children’s health by reducing childhood obesity in Texas.  The Cooper Institute is a nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to preventive medicine and was founded by Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper in 1970.

In 2007, Dr. Cooper and Our Kids' Health raised $2 million to provide FITNESSGRAM to more than 8,000 Texas public schools and provide the necessary software and training for school districts. While P.E. programs vary from state to state and very few require testing, Texas is the only state in the nation that tested more than 2.6 million 3-12 grade students on their fitness levels.

Dr. Cooper also championed Senate Bill 530 with Senator Jane Nelson (R-Texas), which now requires Kindergarten through 8th grade students to participate in “moderate to vigorous” physical activity during P.E. class or structured recess. The bill also mandates annual physical fitness testing of 3rd through 12th grade students using FITNESSGRAM.  

About the Award
The Champion of Health Award focuses on exceptional projects that address urgent threats to the public’s health and those projects that further TMAF’s mission…to help physicians create a healthier future for all Texans. Established in 1995, the award has recognized local and statewide programs including the Child Nutrition Program of the Texas Department of Agriculture, Healthy High/Healthy Choices by Schulenburg Weimar in Focus Together and Teen Videofest by the Tarrant County Medical Society Alliance.