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The Cooper Institute Pioneers Law Enforcement Occupational Fitness

 DALLAS, TX – The Cooper Institute has recently expanded their Law Enforcement Fitness Specialist course to help educate and train law enforcement personnel to prepare their departments to be ‘fit for duty’.

Physical fitness is increasingly being used as a performance measure within law enforcement.  In fact, many departments are now offering salary compensation for personnel that meet fitness-related goals and new recruits are often required to meet minimum physical fitness test scores just to be eligible for employment.

“The Law Enforcement Fitness Specialist Course provides valuable information regarding valid and reliable physical fitness testing procedures, as well as the ‘how to’ aspect for improving flexibility, muscular strength, and cardiorespiratory fitness levels,” said Stephen Farrell, Ph.D., Director of Professional Education at The Cooper Institute.    “Individuals who successfully complete this course will be ready to implement or improve physical fitness programming for their academy or department.”

While The Cooper Institute has worked with hundreds of departments and academies on fitness programs for law enforcement, public safety, and military personnel since 1976, the need to promote physical fitness training within the ranks of law enforcement has become even more imperative.  Law enforcement officers have unique job functions, some of which can be physically demanding and dangerous.  Proper fitness testing to determine whether an officer can perform these functions on the job is increasingly a matter of both personal and public safety.

The Law Enforcement Fitness Specialist course was designed specifically for public safety professionals who are involved in developing or delivering physical fitness programs in their academy or department.  This course covers topics spanning physical activity standards, fitness testing procedures, job-related training, and the legal ramifications relating to these testing procedures and programs.


The next Law Enforcement Fitness Specialist course will be offered January 21-25, 2008 as well as four other times throughout the year.  The cost to attend a course in Dallas is $695. Law Enforcement personnel interested in participating in this course may also contact Ashley Martin at (800) 635-7050 if they are looking to register a several personnel at one time for this course.     

December 10, 2007 

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