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Pink Elementary Teaches Healthy, Life-Long Habits with FitnessGram

FRSICO, Texas (December 15, 2015) – Students of Pink Elementary School in Frisco ISD stay healthy during the holidays, and all school-year-long, thanks in part to its fitness and nutrition initiatives. Complete with FitnessGram fitness assessments, a chef-inspired salad bar, fun runs, activity breaks, and more, Pink Elementary has been recognized as Healthy Zone School and understands that student health is vital to academic success.
FitnessGram, the twice-yearly fitness test developed by The Cooper Institute, is used in schools nationwide as part of the Presidential Youth Fitness Program. It not only promotes fitness and physical activity, but also goal setting to encourage healthy, life-long habits. Each semester, students perform exercises that measure the five components of fitness necessary for good health: aerobic capacity, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition.
“I used to run 20 lengths of the gym and get tired, but now I’m up to 40 because I practice,” says Madeline Williams, a fifth grader at Pink. “Studying for this test means I get to run, which is fun. I practice by sprinting to the stop sign on my street. It makes me faster and helps my softball game too.”
Williams isn’t alone in her sentiments. Fellow classmate, Reid Tucker, says “It helps me set fitness goals so that I don’t get lazy and start eating junk food. It also has helped me run the bases better in baseball. Now, I can run fast and still breathe at the same time.”
Since using FitnessGram, students at Pink Elementary are more aware of their health and are getting their parents involved too. “When kids show their parents what they are learning in PE class, it brings physical activity into the home and helps parents support their child’s fitness goals,” said JT Mister, Physical Educator at Pink Elementary.
Between FitnessGram and other school health initiatives, Pink Elementary passes with flying colors. When teachers, parents, and students embrace physical activity and fitness in and outside of the classroom, children are better equipped to learn and excel in life.

About FitnessGram
FitnessGram is a student fitness assessment, reporting, and educational tool used to promote children's health-related fitness and activity levels. It is the nation’s youth health-related fitness assessment adopted by the Presidential Youth Fitness Program and assesses students’ fitness levels using Healthy Fitness Zone® standards developed by the FitnessGram Scientific Advisory Board.
The FitnessGram software offers powerful data management and statistical reporting tools to support data-driven decision making in schools. It also measures student outcomes, which support curriculum goals and allow educators to effectively advocate for physical education programs. For additional information about other components of the software, please visit
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About Pink Elementary
Pink Elementary School opened in 2005 and is located in Frisco, Texas. Named after Dr. Pink, a longtime member of the Frisco school board, Pink aims to create a brighter future for students, the community, and beyond. The school is known for providing children with the inspiration and education to become lifelong learners. To learn more, visit