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FitnessGram Continues to be Texas’ Program for Assessing Student Fitness

FitnessGram Continues to be Texas’ Program for Assessing Student Fitness
Advocating for Children’s Health Since 1982

The Cooper Institute’s research shows that higher youth fitness levels are associated with better school attendance, better academic performance and fewer behavior incidences in school.  Time and time again, studies continue to prove that physically active children are better learners. John J. Ratey, MD, author of "Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain," even states that “Exercise is Miracle Gro for the brain.” 

It is hard to turn your back to such hard-hitting evidence, but some still resist. The Cooper Institute is vested in the children’s health and aims to educate parents, children and teachers alike about the importance of youth fitness and its role in child development. With our nation’s health at stake, this significant research is far too great to keep silent.

Thanks to the support of The Cooper Institute’s youth health advocacy team and the unwavering leadership of Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, children’s physical activity and fitness levels remain a top priority in Texas schools. In May 2015, the Texas Senate voted to continue using FitnessGram as the program for assessing children’s health-related fitness at school – a proud victory for children’s health advocates nationwide.

If you are interested in being a champion for children’s health, please email us at We will keep you updated with the latest news in Texas youth health and fitness. With your help, the next generation can make our nation a brighter, healthier place.