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Study confirms the benefits of physical activity outweigh risk of musculoskeletal injury

Physicians should continue to recommend a combination of aerobic activity and resistance exercise to achieve health benefits.
DALLAS (December 11, 2012) — The Women’s Injury Study (WIN) from The Cooper Institute, in collaboration with The University of North Texas, UT Southwestern Medical Center, and Texas Woman’s University, reveals that the health benefits of regular physical activity outweigh the modest risk of injury.
James R. Morrow Jr. of the University of North Texas and The Cooper Institute was the first author on the study, which also included authors Laura F. DeFina and Michelle A. Custodio of The Cooper Institute, David Leonard of UT Southwestern, and Elaine Trudelle-Jackson of Texas Woman’s University.
The study was conducted over a three-year period among 908 women of mixed ethnicities in the Dallas area, all over the age of 20. The women underwent an initial eligibility screening to confirm good health and no major disease or previous injury.  
Over the course of the study, the women logged their physical activity and resistance exercise online, noting any musculoskeletal injuries. Self-reported injuries were typically related to walking, jogging, running, or weight lifting and were more common in the lower body and lower extremities.
“During the study we found that a modest risk of injury can result because of increasing physical activity,” says Morrow. “It’s clear though that the risk should not hinder physicians from encouraging patients to be active. Improved fitness and weight management should continue to be emphasized to reduce the rates of obesity in the United States. The health benefits of regular physical activity outweigh the musculoskeletal injury risk associated with increased physical activity behaviors.”
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