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Statewide Results from NutriGram®Confirm Need for Healthy Eating Education

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NutriGram Fact Sheet

NutriGram Pilot Results

Texas Department of Agriculture and The Cooper Institute® Offer NutriGram at  No Cost to All Texas Public Schools


DALLAS (Nov. 9, 2011) – When a group of about 1,800 third through fifth grade Texas children were asked how many times they ate fast food, 46 percent of them said two or more times per week. These same children also did not understand that low-fat milk is a healthier choice than whole milk.

These are just a few of the results the Texas Department of Agriculture and The Cooper Institute® released today from a statewide pilot program called NutriGram®, a fun and interactive nutrition education program for elementary students. The valuable information collected from NutriGram reaffirmed the importance of healthy eating education among Texas children.

“Poor nutrition impacts a student’s performance, and with one in five Texas children considered obese, Texas must do what it can to educate students about proper nutrition,” Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples said. “NutriGram has the opportunity to be a breakthrough that can improve children's lives and save taxpayers unnecessary healthcare costs. This program is a critical initiative for Texans and serves as the education component for the Texas Department of Agriculture’s 3E’s of Healthy Living – Education, Exercise and Eating Right.”

The students from 14 elementary schools across Texas participated in a NutriGram pilot program earlier this year. The results released today provide schools, parents and the general public valuable information about the need for nutrition intervention for young students.

Following are a sample of the results:

School Meals

Food and Beverage Choices

Food Knowledge

“It’s a frightening reality that 17 percent of today’s children are obese,” said Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH, Founder and Chairman at Cooper Aerobics in Dallas. “Through NutriGram we can learn what students know about nutrition and what food choices they are likely to make. This program acts as a catalyst for positive eating changes, empowering adults to better teach and implement proper nutrition, ultimately improving the health and lifestyle of our children.”

The University of Texas School of Public Health, Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living analyzed the pilot data. The student demographics from the study include, Gender: about 53 percent female and about 46 percent male; Ethnicity: about 48 percent Hispanic, 28 percent White and 13 percent African American, plus other ethnicities; and Body Mass Index (BMI): about 54 percent are normal weight, 17 percent are overweight and 26 percent are obese.

See How NutriGram Works

NutriGram is designed to encourage healthy lifestyles through an online question-and-answer format featuring a 3-D nutrition education video game. Media are encouraged to download video and sound bites of children using NutriGram, click here.

NutriGram is available to all Texas public schools at no cost through May 2012, and the program is currently being used at more than 70 elementary schools across Texas to assess third- through fifth-grade students’ knowledge, behaviors and attitudes toward healthy eating. The information gained as a result of NutriGram will help empower adults to better teach and implement proper nutrition at earlier ages in an effort to curb the alarming rise in childhood obesity. Public, private and charter schools interested in implementing NutriGram can contact The Cooper Institute at 972.341.3200 or visit

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