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 We Mourn the Passing of a Dear Friend to Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper and The Cooper Institute

 1920 - 2011

The Cooper Institute mourns the death of one of our long time friends, Mr. Ray Robbins, Chairman Emeritus of Lennox International, Inc. Ray credited the last 40 years of his life to the continued and diligent preventive medical care of his personal friend and physician, Dr. Kenneth Cooper.  “Not only in 1989 did Dr. Cooper save my life, there have been other occasions in which Dr. Cooper had a hand in guiding me to doctors who helped me through life-threatening situations.”  He believed that his quality of life stemmed from “Dr. Cooper’s gentle but persistent guidance.”

Ray had been pleased to learn that the Tyler Cup Foundation Board was to present this year’s Tyler Cup Invitational’s 2011 Kenneth H. Cooper Prize to him on October 22.  Unfortunately, the speech that Ray had been working on will now be read by one of his many friends at this year’s Tyler Cup.

Ray Robbins joined Lennox in 1940 in the Syracuse, NY Division.  After several upward movements within the organization, including the role of Executive Vice President of Lennox Worldwide in 1969, Mr. Robbins made Dallas his home in 1978.  Having been a Cooper Clinic preventive care patient for several years prior to coming to Dallas, Mr. Robbins maintained his annual physicals with Dr. Cooper and continued to include physical activity in his daily routine.

Under his executive leadership at Lennox, Mr. Robbins led by example promoting health and fitness practices in the workplace.  He inspired fellow executives, colleagues, family, and friends to also make physical activity a part of their everyday practices in efforts to stay healthy and become physically fit.  They too became part of the Cooper family under the influence and guidance of Dr. Cooper.  After making his mark at Lennox, including that of health and wellness, Mr. Robbins officially retired as Chairman of the Board in 1991.

Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to Ray’s loving wife, Lois, and their children.


Read Ray’s Story of Impact submitted to The Institute in 2010 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of CI.

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