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Remembering Fred.

Fred Meyer, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Chief Executive Officer of The Cooper Institute, died September 24, 2012 from Myelodysplasia.  He was 84.

Fred had climbed the height of Mt. Rainier and run the distance of the Boston Marathon, but Fred’s favorite distance was the short distance between himself and others. Fred loved people from all walks of life.

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Mr. Meyer spoke for the graduate Multicultural class in the Clinical Psychology department SMU in March 2012.  He was such a vibrant speaker and his passion and care for others was readily apparent.  The class thoroughly enjoyed his talk, and our professor recounted (before and after the talk) many of the positive contributions in health psychology and great impact he made in Dallas.  Thanks Mr. Meyer!
You'll be missed.

Valerie Loehr

I did not know Fred Meyer well, but I will remember his bright smile, friendly voice, positive attitude and the Goodness he exuded everywhere he went within Cooper Clinic and on our Cooper Aerobics Center campus. I will fondly cherish the memory of him happily walking miles around our outdoor track as he obviously went the extra mile for everyone he encountered in his life. He had class, charm, kindness, and he will be missed by me and so many others who were blessed to know him. My heart goes out to his family, friends, all and others who delightfully crossed paths with him. Dear Fred, may you rest in Peace with our Great and Heavenly Father who must be very proud of you.

Holly White

It saddens me to know that I never realized what a GREAT man passed by me on so many mornings, until he was gone!  He was always on his way to see Dr. Cooper but never failed to acknowledge me with a smile.  I will miss you, Mr. Meyer, but will think of you in November when I vote Republican!  Thank you for your service to our country, Texas, and to the Institute.

Ann Dixon

I feel blessed to have met him. A wonderful and kind man with a smile on his face. Miss seeing him on campus.

Tracy Craig

Fred’s enthusiasm, wit and humility will be missed. His closing comment at every executive meeting, held the first Monday of every month, was always “That’s all for now. I’ve already told you more than I know”. Impressive given that he likely knew more about more than anyone else in the room.

David Atkinson

I love how he always asked me how I was doing, then listened then always responded, “Glad to hear you testify”.   It has been an honor to work with him and for him!  I will miss you dearly!

Cynthia Grantham

Always remember Fred first thing in the morning with Dr. Pepper in hand and me greeting him with a “good to see you”  and his response was “it is good” to be seen.  Thanks Fred.

Andrew Vidales