The Cooper Institute

Founded in 1970 by the "Father of Aerobics"
Kenneth H. Cooper MD, MPH


Now, more than ever, your contribution matters. 

The Cooper Institute is proud to celebrate its 50th Anniversary! Our overarching mission has not changed in 50 years – we are dedicated to promoting life-long health and wellness through research and education. We have always said that it is easier and more cost effective to prevent disease than to cure it. The 50th Anniversary has been a trying year for all with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing a shift in priorities and opportunities. The Cooper Institute has been nimble in its approach to issues including COVID-19, cost control, and fund raising. 

When schools across the nation transitioned to online learning, we transitioned as well. A FitnessGram® based survey showed that 79% of children across the United States were exercising substantially less. Our Youth team was able to create new physical activity materials for on-line use; thereby, ensuring schools and families had resources to maintain exercise during times of on-line learning.

Our researchers continue to explore the benefits of positive lifestyle behaviors on health conditions including memory loss and heart disease. Further, our team is evaluating the impact of healthy lifestyle choices on the development and recovery from COVID-19 including having high vitamin D levels which seems to be very promising. During this pandemic, it is abundantly clear that PREVENTION is critical whether dealing with COVID-19 or the chronic health conditions worsened by the obesity epidemic.   

We have managed the financial impact of COVID-19 as agilely as possible but now we must ask our generous supporters to help us continue providing needed resources. Now, more than ever, your contributions matter.  Please make an investment to support the important research and education that will help to define optimal preventive care, including as it relates to COVID-19 and youth obesity.

Our global vision is to support a healthy and safe world through prevention, physical activity, and healthy living.  Join us as we continue our health-changing research and education to allow all of us to live Well. Into the Future.

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