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Data Driven Research Continues to Impact Policy

Written by
Joel Romo
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Monday, May 17, 2021

Research and science are the foundation of The Cooper Institute and over the years, our research has provided an opportunity to engage in the arena of public policy. 

Thanks to the data-driven research, publications The Cooper Institute has engaged in key public policy initiatives locally, statewide and federally over the years.  Our Governmental Affairs team has collaborated with lawmakers to strengthen physical education and health policies, increase recess in our public schools, and work on health and wellness issues at the federal level with partners from across the country. 

Currently, our efforts are focused on Texas and Oklahoma where we are working to preserve existing physical fitness programs in Texas and implement a similar program in Oklahoma.  Additionally, our current advocacy efforts include supporting policies to address the lack of e-cigarette regulation and taxation in Texas as well as supporting legislation such as HB 786 that would require the continuing education provided to telecommunicators to include CPR training, which would increase the patients chance of recovery, which was recently signed by Texas Governor Gregg Abbott. 

As our advocacy efforts continue to make an impact in not only our children’s daily lives, but the lives of all Americans, we look forward to providing you with an update on The Cooper Institute’s efforts in Texas, Oklahoma and the United States Congress over the coming weeks.  To learn more about our advocacy efforts, please visit