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Student Physical Activity Dropped Worldwide During COVID-19, Raising Concerns for Health

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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Cooper Institute has published a new research study demonstrating the impact of COVID-19 on Physical Education and physical activity across the nation during this time of remote learning. The observed decrease in physical activity puts our children at increased risk for obesity and the related health outcomes in the future.

The Cooper Institute research study was completed in March 2021 by 2,440 respondents from all 50 U.S. States. The study examined the status of Physical Education and physical activity during distance learning and sought to understand the challenges experienced by educators. Of respondents, 79% reported their students were either “Significantly Less” (48%) or “Somewhat Less” (31%) physically active during school closure. 

Significant reductions were observed in weekly requirements for Physical Education with many more schools reporting “no” or “zero” hours required during the pandemic. Similar findings of decreased physical activity were seen in studies from Verona, Italy and Shanghai, China. Based on all these findings, opportunities for physical activity have decreased around the globe. It is imperative that all youth are provided with safe, simple and easily implemented physical activity programs.

The Cooper Institute research study also demonstrated the most significant challenges experienced by teachers during the pandemic for closed schools were access to online learning, teacher and student communication and teacher remote work arrangements.

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Some of the available resources to help students stay healthy and physically active on the site include:

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