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Shifting Focus on Youth Fitness

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Friday, Dec 18, 2020

Physical education as we know it is shifting, and we are focused on adapting to the evolving needs. 

Adaptation to shifting circumstances is the key to survival in uncertain times. As schools closed and millions of students were thrust into online learning environments, physical education seemed to be the last thing on anyone’s mind. We shifted our focus to provide necessary resources.

Years of research has taught us, we all need exercise for good physical and mental health to ward off depression, anxiety, stress, obesity and other chronic conditions.

Our team worked tirelessly to adapt to these new challenges. We shifted our focus to video production providing teachers the content they needed for their online P.E. classes. We created at-home fitness videos with the whole family in mind.


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We continued to collaborate with the Vision Impact Institute supported by Essilor’s Vision for Life Fund to raise awareness about increased screen time and the impact on virtual learning for children. The initiative was funded by a generous grant from The Rosewood Foundation.

Shifting Virtual Fitness Resources

Staying active and fit is a critical part of staying healthy. Although many schools and businesses are working virtually, it doesn’t mean that you and your family cannot still be physically active.

We pulled together resources from partners such as the NFL, SHAPE America, and OPEN PhysEd to give everyone the tools they needed to get active and stay healthy during quarantine. These resources provided additional opportunities to learn outside of school as teachers became virtual and parents became teachers pivoting to support the millions of students across the country displaced from their classrooms.

“We know this is a difficult and uncertain time across our nation, including for millions of parents like me with your kids at home, looking to keep them active and educated.  We want students, teachers and parents to know there are options for them at home, said Anna Isaacson, Senior Vice President of Social Responsibility, NFL. “Alongside our partners, we’ve made a number of digital education resources available for anyone who may need them immediately when learning and teaching is extremely critical.”

To learn about the many online fitness resources offered by The Cooper Institute and our partners, visit


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