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Legacy Celebration

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Friday, Nov 20, 2020

2020 is a special year at The Cooper Institute as we celebrate our 50th anniversary. It’s an important milestone for us, so let’s celebrate together! 

This important milestone is something to be proud of as we reflect on years of success and world impact while improving the lives of future generations through research. The Cooper Legacy Celebration is honored to have Ray L. and Nancy Ann Hunt serve as the Honorary Co-Chairpersons. Mr. Hunt is a long-time member of the Board of Trustees and he and his wife have given significant support to the Institute for many years. Assisting with the celebration plans are Legacy Celebration Co-Chairpersons, Tyler and Angie Cooper and Tedd and Janet Tornelli-Mitchell. Dr. Tedd Mitchell is currently serving as the Chairman of the Institute Board of Trustees and Dr. Tyler Cooper is a member of the Board of Trustees and President and CEO of Cooper Enterprises.

Ray and Nancy Ann Hunt

Legacy Celebration
Honorary Co-Chairpersons


Tedd and Janet Mitchell

Legacy Celebration
Honorary Co-Chairpersons


Tyler and Angie Cooper

Legacy Celebration
Honorary Co-Chairpersons


2020 has also been a year of change and adaptability as we have faced COVID-19 together. 


As business plans have pivoted, so have our 50th anniversary plans. Although we had been looking forward to celebrating together and honoring Dr. Kenneth Cooper in November at our annual Legacy Dinner, we will celebrate Dr. Cooper and his worldwide impact next spring when we can safely gather.  

The Legacy Celebration committee is working on some exciting plans for the spring, not only in celebration of the 50th anniversary, but also celebrating the 90th birthday of Dr. Kenneth Cooper. As most of you know Dr. Cooper—known as the “father of aerobics”—is 89 years old, still seeing patients and speaking across the globe sharing his proven philosophy that exercise is medicine and fitness is a vital sign. 

For over five decades, The Cooper Institute has made a positive impact in the lives of millions across the globe through research, education and youth initiatives. 

Proving that exercise is medicine, The Cooper Institute ensures that all have the opportunity to live Well. Into the Future.

The Cooper Institute began with a simple vision to investigate and prove that  health and fitness influence quality of life and longevity.  

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