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Amber Freeland
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Tuesday, Jun 09, 2020

Remember the sounds of kids laughing and playing, the blast of the coaches’ whistles, and everyone shouting encouragement to run faster? 

Not long ago we could drive by any school and see students running laps on the track, stretching and exercising. The playgrounds, tracks and gyms are now eerily silent.

COVID-19 has disrupted all of our lives, but our youth have experienced the greatest impact. The transition to online learning and an absence of routine daily physical activity are just some of the challenges our students have faced as schools nationwide shut down during the pandemic. The research also shows that exercise is an important part of preventing and treating adolescent depression - something our children are facing in the wake of social distancing and uncertainty about the future.

Our team continues to work with partners such as SHAPE America, Mission Readiness, Action for Healthy Kids and the National Football League Foundation to name a few, in an effort to share our online FitnessGram and physical education resources and guide the 
health and wellness discussion for our children’s future.

Educators are finding innovative ways to deliver quality physical education and fitness assessments in remote environments. Meanwhile, school districts struggle to reach students who are now unaccounted for, or haven’t logged into their new online learning environments, since schools closed. These new challenges give us, our partners, and regulatory entities the opportunity to find solutions and advance new policies that demonstrate the importance of daily physical education for children.

The Cooper Institute is excited to work with our partners and volunteers as we all adapt to our new environments. 

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