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Message form the CEO Work, Home, and Play

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Tuesday, Jun 09, 2020

This has been an interesting spring – one that none of us will forget in our lifetimes. COVID-19 has truly changed the way that we look at work, home, and play. 

Being physically active is more important than ever.

Being physically active is more important than ever. The many short-term benefits of physical activity are critical at this time, including better stress management, sleep, mood, and maintaining a healthier weight. 

Our youth programs are fortunate to be able to assist children and schools affected by the COVID-19 school closures. These programs normally focus on providing healthy environments at schools so children learn healthy behaviors for life. We are grateful to our program partners who have allowed us to be flexible with the resources we are providing. 

The NFL PLAY 60 FitnessGram Project helped to develop the NFL Foundation’s online resources in collaboration with Fuel Up To Play 60, the American Heart Association, and more. Together, we are providing online fitness resources to keep kids active during this time at home. The Healthy Zone Schools Program, in conjunction with the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, funding was expanded to be used for any basic life needs that would help their community during the time of COVID-19.

June 22 marks the 50th Anniversary of The Cooper Institute. Dr. Cooper recognized that there needed to be research to prove the health benefits of regular physical activity. The vision also led to the establishment of the Cooper Center Longitudinal Study, which is the largest and longest-running study in the world with measured fitness. Additionally, FitnessGram by The Cooper Institute is now the most widely-used health-related fitness assessment in schools across the country.  

Mark your calendars for November 5, 2020 as we honor Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper at The Cooper Institute’s 50th Anniversary Legacy Award Dinner, hosted by Ray and Nancy Ann Hunt. 

Join us as we celebrate the impact of this work and look to the horizon of all living Well. Into the Future.

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