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Message from the CEO - Diversity Matters in Research

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Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020

Research changes lives, often in ways that we don’t recognize.

Our research at The Cooper Institute touches the lives of millions every day, changing the way we view health care and shaping the healthy habits of the future. 

2019 was an impressive year for us, one filled with new findings that will help improve the quality and quantity of all our lives.

Last year, we explored several unique populations from the Cooper Center Longitudinal Study (CCLS) such as elite athletes, Hispanics, African-Americans, and older adults. It is critical that our research extends to evaluate the health and wellness of diverse populations to ensure everyone has the research-based knowledge to live optimally healthy lives. 

In elite athletes, we found more significant hardening of the heart arteries but no increase in death. In Hispanic participants, we found more cardiovascular disease risk factors but no increase in death. 

Both of these studies demonstrate the need to better understand how a healthy lifestyle can mitigate risk factors for heart disease and impact mortality in all populations.

In 2020, The Cooper Institute research team will continue to focus on research that will help to define the preventive medicine and healthy lifestyle behaviors necessary to enhance the quality and quantity of life. 

This will allow us to “square off the curve,” as Dr. Kenneth Cooper likes to say, which means to live your best quality of life right up until the very end.
In the near future, we will publish an important article on good cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) and its impact on mortality. In today’s era of invasive cardiac procedures and medications to regulate blood pressure and lower cholesterol, many still want to know if CRF really matters. (Hint, it’s still really important!)  

We will continue our work evaluating the optimal mid-life care and behaviors to enhance aging gracefully. Stay tuned. There is much to be learned this year about how to live better by promoting healthier behaviors that may prevent chronic and debilitating disease. 

Prevention is the cheapest and best answer to the ever-rising cost of health care. 

Please consider The Cooper Institute in your charitable giving. Our work improves public health so anyone at any age can live a long, healthy, active life Well. Into the Future. 

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