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Vision for a Healthy Future Continues

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Amber Freeland
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Wednesday, Dec 11, 2019

The Cooper Institute is excited to continue raising awareness about the importance of healthy vision through a grant provided by The Rosewood Foundation. 

Left to Right: Portrait of the late Caroline Rose Hunt; Amy Johnson, Chief Development Officer of The Cooper Institute; Julia Sands, Trustee of The Rosewood Foundation; Lynn Fisher, Vice President of The Rosewood Foundation; Judith Williams, Program Manager - Americas of The Vision Impact Institute; Andrea Kristen-Coleman, Global Communications and Awareness Manager of The Vision Impact Institute

In honor of the late Caroline Rose Hunt, The Cooper Institute and the Vision Impact Institute, supported by Essilor, will continue to share her passion for better vision as part of our FitnessGram health and wellness program.  

“A child needs many tools to succeed in school and good vision is one of them. We are pleased to support the ‘whole child’ approach of The Cooper Institute’s FitnessGram program which assesses the level of fitness needed to succeed in school and build healthy habits for the entire family.”

Lynn Fisher, Vice President of The Rosewood Foundation