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4 Quick Tips for Healthy Nutrition

Written by
Sue Beckham, PhD
Posted in
Fit Tips

Monday, Mar 14, 2016

Try these four quick and easy nutritional tips for healthy eating.

Nutrition Tip #1
Try downsizing your plate from 11 inches to 9 inches which is a 30% decrease. Assuming the average American eats 800 calories per meal, that’s a savings of 240 calories per meal. In one year, downsizing your plate could lead to a 25 pound weight loss.

Nutrition Tip #2
Eat a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables for maximum health benefits. For example, bell peppers are a nutritional powerhouse.  High in vitamin C and low in calories, bell peppers promote healthy eyes as we age.

Nutrition Tip #3 and #4
Helpful ways to prepare and store snacks to minimize overeating.