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Healthy Halloween Habits!

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Thursday, Oct 29, 2015

Halloween has finally arrived! I think my son started asking me in the spring when it was going to be time to dress up again. He had his costume picked out two months ago! Actually, he got to wear one costume for school today and has another one to go around in on Halloween night. He is so excited! For him, I don’t think it is the candy (since he doesn’t eat that much of it anyway), but the thrill of running door to door to see if someone is home and will answer the door. For weeks he has been saying, "So Mommy. If the light isn't on that means we can't go to that house." He is too funny. Guess he was getting his game plan ready. For many adults, Halloween signals the start of the holiday season, which I personally am not ready for. How does time fly so quickly?

Remember, just because it is a holiday doesn’t mean that healthy habits have to fly out the door on the witch’s broom! So we wanted to wish you a Happy Halloween and leave you with some fun, healthy tips:

Eat: Try having a healthy dinner and plan to eat it a little earlier Halloween night so that you are all well fed before you head out the door. This will ensure that you have consumed all of those healthy nutrients, and will fill your bellies up which will hopefully limit the amount of treats you and your kiddos indulge in.

Walk: Walking from door to door is so much more fun than driving, not to mention it burns more of the calories from those treats you may be consuming. Take the long route around your neighborhood and look at all the decorations. If you want to drive to a more “desirable” neighborhood (you know where they give out full candy bars versus the snack size), then find a place to park so that you can still walk.

Limit: Have the kids pick out their favorites and then agree upon an amount that they can keep. Consider having them turn in the rest for a prize or for money. You could give a set amount of money per piece of candy they surrender to you. Donate the collected candy to a local charity, church, or local USO to be distributed to our troops.

Leftovers: If you have candy that you did not give out, add it to the donation pile and just get rid of it so it isn’t a temptation.

Store: Out of sight, out of mind. Of the candy your kids do decide to keep, put it away and only give them a piece if they ask. They may even forget about the amount you decided was okay for them to keep, giving you the green light to just toss it! I seriously think we have a bag of candy from last Halloween that I did such a good job of putting “out of sight” that I completely forgot about. Wonder if I find it if I could give it out this year?

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Happy Halloween!!