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Balance Your Holiday Cheer

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Thursday, Dec 25, 2014

Happy holidays from The Cooper Institute!

On this day when people are celebrating with family and friends, I have a vision of an earlier post that reminds us to balance our calories with physical activity.

The holidays have descended upon you and you can’t pass on Uncle Bert’s special eggnog. Perhaps you have visions of Grandma’s sugar cookies dancing in your head (and on your tongue!). Maybe you also have not-so-nice visions of having to let your belt out a notch or two the first week of January.

Fear not. You can have your holiday fruitcake and eat it, too. The antidote for all of these extra holiday calories is our common message – eating those foods that you enjoy while watching the portion size and engaging in physical activity. Nothing new but it often helps for us to be reminded. Here’s a list of common holiday treats, their calories, and how long you would need to do a brisk walk to burn off the calories for each one.*

  • Eggnog (1 cup) – 343 calories; 48 minutes
  • Candy cane – 45 calories; 6 minutes
  • Fruitcake – 410 calories; 57 minutes
  • Sugar cookies (2) – 320 calories; 44 minutes
  • Hot mulled cider – 148 calories; 21 minutes
  • Latkes (2) – 248 calories; 34 minutes
  • Champagne – 91 calories; 13 minutes
So be mindful and keep moving! Share how you plan to balance the extra calories this holiday season with us on Facebook.


* Based on a reference person who weighs 180 pounds. If you weigh less than this, you would need to do walk a slightly longer and if you weigh more, you’d need to walk a little less.