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Thursday, Mar 06, 2014

You may have heard… March is National Nutrition Month®. As I strive to balance my family, career, errands, and everything else in between, I am reminiscent of an earlier post that can help us all address the age-old question that we encounter on a daily basis – “What’s for dinner?” Something simple. Something healthy. And something fast (but not fast food).

Whether you have one mouth to feed or a whole family of mouths, the answer to this question doesn't have to be difficult to come up with. There are many (almost too many) places to look for simple, healthy, and fast recipes that can often be made with the meat and fixings already in your kitchen.

Here is a collection of recipe websites and apps that The Cooper Institute staff frequently use to make healthy meals that our families will eat:

All Recipes ( - click on "Recipes" on the top navigation bar, then "Healthy" for healthy appetizer, main, and side dish recipes as well as recipes for specific "diets" (low-calorie, high-fiber, low-fat, etc.).

Cooking Light ( - healthy recipes and cooking tips (including videos) for every occasion.

Eating ( - click on "Recipes & Menus" on the top navigation bar and search for meals that are everything from family-friendly to fast to perfect for two.

Food Network ( - click on "Recipes" on the top navigation bar for a variety of low-fat, low-calorie recipes.

Health ( - click on "Food & Recipes" on the top navigation bar for healthy recipes and cooking and shopping tips.

Plan ahead and choose five to seven recipes to try over the course of a week (and shop accordingly) or browse for a recipe just minutes before you need it.

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