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Useful Health and Fitness Apps

Written by
Karyn Hughes, MEd
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Monday, Oct 15, 2012

There are some terrific apps on the market to help you get fit, stay fit, be healthier, challenge yourself and connect with others. Check some of the following out to see if there are any of interest to you and also share with us some of your own favorites.

Activity Apps

RunKeeper is a free app that coordinates with your phone's GPS to track where you have run, calculates the mph, distance and pace. It syncs with music on your iPhone and provides audio cues while you run.  It will also let you enter data for indoor runs so no effort goes untracked!

CardioTrainer + Racing is a free app with a unique racing application that challenges users to beat their own best times.  The virtual race simulator has a voice telling the user exactly how far behind or ahead he is from their previous cardio workout and can be very motivating. It can also be enhanced with a weight loss module for $2.99 from the Android Market.

Nike Training Club is like a pocket personal trainer. It has video demonstrations of exercises with voice over instructions and gives the user workouts tailored to their specific goals.  It also includes point based incentives for goals and challenges. Users should be advised that the videos take up space and so download time is longer but well worth it. Free from iTunes App Store.

Endomondo Sports Tracker is not limited to just running.  It is a great app for cyclists, roller bladders, joggers and walkers.  It tracks time, distance, speed, altitude, and keeps a history of your workouts.  It also integrates with your audio play list and with Google Maps. Free/Android Market.

SportyPal is another app that will track a variety of activities and speaks time and distance at desired intervals, and tracks calories burned based on your personal profile.  After each workout it offers to post to Twitter and Facebook and uploads to for an ongoing log over time. Free and available to many brands of phones, and Microsoft.

Food/Nutrition Apps

Calorie Counter by FatSecret has a built in barcode scanner to make finding foods easy.  It tracks calories and other nutrients.  It figures the recommended daily intake for the user to achieve his/her fitness and weight goals. Free Android App

Lose It! Is a great way to enter a food as you eat it and have immediate feedback on the calories as well as what a serving size is.  It allows you to enter you total calorie goal is for the day and track it. It displays your progress for food, exercise and budgeted calories. You can also choose to share your progress with friends so you don’t have to diet and exercise alone.  Free at iTunes App Store

Fast Food Calorie Counter is a must because most of us will have those busy days or a craving now and then say for a Wendy’s Frosty or other favorite indulgence. This app has data for approximately 9,000 items from 72 fast food restaurants.  The data is very thorough with calories, fat grams, fiber, carbs, and protein. It is $1.99 in the Android Market.

Whole Foods Market Recipes is a unique app for those who love the delicious recipes created at Whole Food Markets!  The recipes are free and can be sorted for vegans, gluten free, low fat, high fiber, etc. This app will also suggest recipes based on ingredients you already have in the house. Free app from iTunes App Store.

Numerous research studies reveal over and over that people who log/track their eating lose more weight than those who do not and tracking your exercise helps you stick with your program and stay motivated.  So download an app today and get healthy/stay healthy with easy to use, inexpensive apps.