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This book, Resistance Training Instruction, by Everett Aaberg is used as the core text for the Biomechanics of Resistance Training class.
Price: $35.00
This book is an essential resource for any health/fitness and exercise professional.
Price: $41.95
Revised & updated in 2012. The choices you make every day about food, nutrition, and health can have a major impact on your life. This is a complete guide to a lifetime of healthy eating.
Price: $24.95
How to master the art of sales, so you can increase your personal training income
Price: $19.95
The exercise ball has become one of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment in recent years. This book contains over 100 exercises that are both correct and appropriate for population.
Price: $27.95
This book offers a practical approach for everyone over 50 who wants to become physically fit!
Price: $19.95
Prevent "calorie amnesia" and control your weight. This pocket-size, 10-week diary helps you track exactly what you eat and drink and how much activity you do.
Price: $3.99
Nutrition Now is a workbook with a comprehensive yet practical approach to learning why nutrition is important.
Price: $20.00
Revised 9/2013! Physical Fitness Assessments are an important step when developing an exercise program for a group or an individual. This book contains detailed procedures for administering a variety of tests in the areas of cardiorespiratory fitness, strength, flexibility, body composition, and oth...
Price: $25.00
Start Strong, Finish Strong is about living the life we all want-now and as we age. It's about breaking free from chronic pain and nagging injuries. It's about refusing to give up the activities we love and discovering new ones along the way.
Price: $14.95
This booklet was specifically designed as an educational tool to support and enhance the use of step counters among adults and children.
Price: $6.50
This book has over 150 exercises for strength, power, and stability.
Price: $18.95

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