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Kenneth H. Cooper MD, MPH


Military Exercise Leader

The success of Military Exercise Leader trained by The Cooper Institute has attracted the attention of other similar groups such as 1st Responders. As a result we’ve expanded the curriculum to include 1st Responders as they are often called upon to use some of the same physical attributes as military personnel.

The new course still contains the same content, with even more!
  • More running drills
  • Additional warm-up exercises
  • Additional stretching exercises
  • More ways to apply the nutrition information in the setting as an exercise leader
  • More skills and details of how to motivate others
  • Can be tailored to the type of group, setting and equipment that best represents your group

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Group Leadership for Effective and Time Efficient Workouts

Soldier on monkey bars
3.5 day course in Dallas or you can host this course At Your Site.

The Military Exercise Leader course specifically addresses the unique physical demands and challenges of the military. Developed through a collaborative research study at Langley Air Force Base, this course prepares PT leaders to confidently lead and inspire small groups as well as an entire battalion. These military specific workouts can be delivered in garrison or deployed, indoors and outdoors, and with and without equipment.

Learn: how to design safe and effective exercise programs while motivating others to their optimal fitness.

Discover: techniques with allow you to program workouts for a variety of fitness levels in the same group by learning to modify and/or amplify any exercise.

Apply: the science of training and practice group leadership skills during hands-on sessions.

MEL includes classroom lectures with live instructors as well as practical application of drills and routines. Each course participant will receive a Cooper Institute Manual.

For those not currently enlisted in or working with the military, Law and Fire Group Training teaches many of the same concepts in format that can be utilized with the law adn fire populations.

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  • Leadership
  • Circuit Fundamentals
  • Anatomy
  • Class Design & Group Planning
  • Exercise Guidelines
  • Exercise Modification & Amplification Guidelines
  • Cardiovascular Guidelines
  • Body Mechanics
  • Flexibility
  • Resistance Training
  • Safety Programing
  • Nutrition
  • Running Drills
  • Interval Training
  • Circuit Training
  • Equipment and Apparatus
  • Exercise Class Plan
  • Exercise Prototypes

Educational Material Included:

  • The Cooper Military Exercise Leader Manual
  • Hands-on practical instruction presented live by Cooper Institute Instructors
  • Question & Answer Opportunites
  • Class Design & Group Planning

CPR Required: Yes

Contact Hours: 22