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Cooper International Fitness Test



Cooper International Fitness Test, robust and customizable fitness assessment software, is uniquely developed for participating countries. Each software package is tailored to meet the physical and cultural needs of individual populations.

Results of the Cooper International Fitness Test enable countries to assess, educate, and report on health-related fitness levels to improve wellbeing worldwide.


Powerful Testing

Cooper International Fitness Test provides countries with proven results to assess, report, and educate on the current health-related fitness levels of their population.

Partners receive the foundational tools needed to improve citizen wellbeing allowing The Cooper Institute to continue its pervasive impact on worldwide health.


High-level research is completed with each partner to ensure accurate assessment of different youth populations, including a cross-cultural analysis to validate Healthy Fitness Zone® standards are appropriate.

Cooper International Youth Fitness Test
Cooper International Fitness Test
Cooper International Fitness Test

Cooper International Fitness Test for Hungary


The Hungarian version of Cooper International Fitness Test, known as NETFIT®, launched in fall 2014 and will reach more than 1.2 million children in 4,000 schools throughout the country. This project will help establish a national framework for student fitness assessments and promotes healthy change in youth.

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