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Founded in 1970 by the "Father of Aerobics"
Kenneth H. Cooper MD, MPH

The Cooper Institute

Content Development


The Cooper Institute Difference

The Cooper Institute disseminates evidenced-based health behavior change programs, materials, and content to many different public health, corporate, and community groups worldwide. We do this through partnerships with publishers, licensing arrangements with clients, content development contracts, and direct sales to consumers.

Let Us Help Your Organization's Wellness Needs

Curricula and Programs

Most of our behaviorally-based curricula and programs are based on resources and processes that have proven effective in clinical trials at The Cooper Institute. We can provide the educational materials and staff training that are needed to implement the programs. Programs are currently being successfully used in worksites, hospitals, community health programs, senior residences, colleges and universities, fitness centers, as well as by individuals. Learn more.

Content Provider

Because of our expertise in developing physical activity and nutrition education programs and products, The Cooper Institute has been contracted by public and private organizations to design and write articles, scripts, fact sheets, books, workshops, and other health education materials as work-for-hire projects. Learn more.


Community Health and Wellness Services

Community Health and Wellness



Have you considered how you can ignite the power of health and wellness through your faith-based or community health organization's service initiatives? If so, have you considered letting The Cooper Institute help?

Whether you are a faith-based, public health, or other community organization, we are ready to assist your needs. Below are three ways we can help you—so you can make health happen!



Participate in research-based health and wellness specialty courses and receive CEUs.

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Product Development

Develop content specific to your organization's health and wellness outreach.

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Online Outreach

Access practical tools, such as our blog, and other resources that will help effect healthy behavioral changes related to fitness and nutrition.

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