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Certified Personal Trainer (CI-CPT) Certification

The Cooper Institute Renewal Guide

Read the CI-CPT Renewal Guide for complete details on the renewal process. CI should receive your online CI-CPT Renewal Form by your expiration date. The following requirements must be met to renew your certification:

  • 30 Contact Hours (CH)
  • Current adult CPR certification (with hands-on training)
  • Renewal fee
The Cooper Institute

Reprint A Certification Document

Reprints for the CI-CPT certification and for all certificate programs are available to those who are currently certified and are in good standing. Each reprint costs $20. CI-CPT certifications within three months of expiring will not be reprinted unless renewal requirements are met.

Other certificates (i.e., Cooper certificate programs) may be reprinted at any time without an expiration date. Follow all instructions on the form and keep a copy of the completed form for your records.

Request Certificate Reprint Request Multiple Reprints

Physical Fitness Specialist

Prior to 2006, The Cooper Institute (CI) offered the Physical Fitness Specialist course for those persons interested in personal training. Individuals passing an end-of-course test received a nationally recognized certificate.

In an effort to meet current fitness industry standards, beginning in January 2006 The Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer (CI-CPT) exam was first offered, replacing the Physical Fitness Specialist certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Verify A Certification

The following are two ways to verify a certification.

  1. The credentialing certification department will verify certification status to interested persons by request. Verification of certification status does not include disclosing any confidential information. There are three status reports that may be given.
    • Currently Certified: Certificants who are in good standing (currently certified or maintaining renewal, no disciplinary actions).
    • Not Currently Certified: Certificants who have previously been certified but who have not maintained certification renewal. Former certificants who have documented disciplinary actions against them may also be reported as Not Currently Certified/Not in Good Standing.
    • Never Certified: Candidates who have not successfully completed exam requirements or those persons who have not attempted to successfully complete the exam requirements.
  2. Login to to locate a certified professional with their current credential. This national registry identifies individuals who earn and maintain a NCCA-accredited certification, such as the CI-CPT.

Certification Concerns

A Concern Form is available for two purposes:

  1. For registrants, candidates, and certificants to document any concern related to the application and administration of credentialing certification policies or processes.
  2. For individuals (clients, employers, interested parties) to document a concern or issue related to an individual who has earned, or who is representing themselves as having earned, a credentialing certification through The Cooper Institute.

A standardized process is followed for each Concern Form submission. The Cooper Institute Certification Board may take up to 60 days from the date of notification in which to provide a response.

Download CI-CPT Concern Form



Registry Includes CI-CPTs

Locate a certified professional with their current credential. This national registry identifies individuals who earn and maintain a NCCA-accredited certification, such as the CI-CPT. Learn More.

Personal Trainer Networking

Join us for one of our networking sessions to meet with fitness clubs and gyms to find the right fit for you. Learn More.

CI-CPT Group LinkedIn

This invitation-only group offers current CI-CPTs the opportunity to network, share industry information and resources, and keep up with what's happening at CI. Learn More.


Job Opportunities Board (J.O.B.)

This valuable resource connects certified professionals with potential employers. View available jobs with various companies and locations.

Submit A J.O.B. Posting

Do you have a job that you'd like us to consider posting? If so, let us know by filling out our online form.


The Cooper Institute Certification Board (CICB)

Credentialing certifications offered through The Cooper Institute are governed by The Cooper Institute Certification Board (CICB). This group of professionals provides guidance and oversight of policies and procedures directly related to or having impact upon Cooper Institute credentialing certifications, certificants, and certification renewal activities. The CICB must review and approve all credentialing certification processes and policies.

The Cooper Institute Certification Board
c/o Credentialing Certification Department
The Cooper Institute
12330 Preston Road Dallas, TX 75230


CICB Board Members

Executive Committee

  • Barry McKeown, PhD - Chair
  • Allen Jackson, EdD - Chair, Examination Development Committee
  • Laura Fast, MBA - Credentialing Certification Director, ex officio

Certificant Representatives

  • Amanda Bartley, BS
  • Lisa Beckett, MS
  • Alissa Black, BS
  • Weston Durham, BS
  • Denise Grolly-Case, MHR

Data Management Representative

  • Beth Wright, PhD

Public Member

  • Amy Harper, BS


  • Juli Doyal, BBA - Certification Program Manager

Approved Providers

The Cooper Institute identifies the following organizations as offering continuing education programs. CI grants Approved Provider status based on the developmental processes utilized by the education provider; course offerings are not individually reviewed.

It is your responsibility to review each program to decide if it meets CI renewal standards. CE programs must be linked to one or more of the four performance domains covered on the CI-CPT exam and must build upon or enhance base personal trainer knowledge. Read the CI-CPT Renewal Guide for more information on how to find contact hours that are right for you.

Become an Approved Provider

CI is pleased to offer an approved provider program for continuing education providers. Approved provider status helps CI certificants identify contact hour options for renewal.

CI grants approval for organizations as a whole, not individual continuing education opportunities. Participants should be notified that regardless of approved provider status, only those individual programs meeting CI's certification renewal guidelines will be accepted for Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer (CI-CPT) renewal. Learn More.

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Allied Organizations


NCCA logo

The Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer (CI-CPT) exam is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) – the gold standard of quality for fitness certifying organizations.


CREP and USREPS logo

The Cooper Institute is a member of the Coalition for the Registration of Exercise Professionals® (CREP®), a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) corporation composed of organizations that offer NCCA-accredited exercise certifications. CREP® is committed to advancing the exercise profession and providing a resource to help individuals achieve more active, healthy lifestyles.

CREP® maintains the United States Registry of Exercise Professionals®, an internationally recognized registry of exercise professionals who hold NCCA-accredited certifications in the United States, including the CI-CPT. The registry is available at and makes it easy for anyone, anywhere to locate a certified professional.



The Cooper Institute is an organizational sponsor of the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Educations Programs (CAAHEP). CAAHEP is a programmatic postsecondary accrediting agency recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and carries out its accrediting activities in cooperation with 19 review committees (including the Committee on Accreditation for the Exercise Sciences – CoAES). CAAHEP currently accredits over 2100 entry level education programs in 23 health science professions.

Veterans Administration

Veterans Administration logo

The CI-CPT exam is recognized by the Veterans Administration. Visit the United States Department of Veterans Affairs website at for more information on education and benefits. CI also offers scholarships to assist individuals building their career in fitness.