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American Journal of Preventive Medicine, FITNESSGRAM Development of Criterion-Referenced Standards for Aerobic Capacity and Body Composition, Volume 41, October 2011


Cover and Acknowledgements



S63 Development of New Criterion-Referenced Fitness Standards in the FITNESSGRAM® Program: Rationale and Conceptual Overview

GJ Welk, SB Going, JR Morrow Jr., MD Meredith


S68 Approaches for Development of Criterion-Referenced Standards in Health-Related Youth Fitness Tests

W Zhu, MT Mahar, GJ Welk, SB Going, KJ Cureton




S77 Percent Body Fat and Chronic Disease Risk Factors in U.S. Children and Youth

SB Going, TG Lohman, EC Cussler, DP Williams, JA Morrison, PS Horn


S87 Body Fat Percentile Curves for U.S. Children and Adolescents

KR Laurson, JC Eisenmann, GJ Welk


S93 Development of Youth Percent Body Fat Standards Using Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves

KR Laurson, JC Eisenmann, GJ Welk


S100 Body Mass Index Standards Based on Agreement with Health-Related Body Fat

KR Laurson, JC Eisenmann, GJ Welk




S106 Aerobic Fitness Percentiles for U.S. Adolescents

JC Eisenmann, KR Laurson, GJ Welk


S111 Development of Youth Aerobic-Capacity Standards Using Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves

GJ Welk, KR Laurson, JC Eisenmann, KJ Cureton


S117 Estimation of Aerobic Fitness from 20-m Multistage Shuttle Run Test Performance

MT Mahar, AM Guerieri, MS Hanna, CD Kemble


S124 Cross-Validation of an Equating Method Linking Aerobic FITNESSGRAM® Field Tests

EA Boiarskaia, MS Boscolo, W Zhu, MT Mahar


S131 Field Evaluation of the New FITNESSGRAM® Criterion-Referenced Standards

GJ Welk, PF De Saint-Maurice Maduro, KR Laurson, DD Brown