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Small Group Training with Various Fitness Levels

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Tuesday, Nov 01, 2016

Small group training is a great way to expand your clientele and income. Offering a small group personal training session allows the trainer to schedule multiple clients for one time slot.  It is likely that the trainer will experience a variety of fitness levels within one small group. Therefore, it is essential that the trainer know how to utilize appropriate modifications and amplifications in this setting.

In this video, we have 3 clients with 3 very different fitness levels (novice, intermediate, and advanced). You’ll notice that the intermediate client (far right on the screen) will utilize a fundamental exercise consisting of a reverse lunge and a bicep curl. The fundamental exercise can then be modified or amplified based on the fitness level. The novice exerciser (client in the middle) will utilize the squatting pattern instead of the lunge as it is easier to perform. He, too, will add a bicep curl. Lastly, the advanced exerciser (far left) is able to perform the reverse lunge with ease. Therefore, her exercise is amplified by raising one leg following the lunge which requires balance and greater coordination, increasing the difficulty of the exercise.

Safety Tip: When performing these exercises, the clients should always maintain a neutral spine and an upright posture. The knee should also be lined up over the ankle during both squatting or lunging movement patterns.
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