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Multitasking Gone Awry

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Monday, Oct 27, 2008


In an earlier blog we shared how walking workstations are helping sedentary office workers burn extra calories while doing computer work, talking on the phone, or attending meetings.  And research shows that this innovative approach to multitasking may just work. 

But the video clip provided in this blog shows that you can take healthful multitasking too far.  Host of “Let’s Paint TV,” John Kilduf, is shown running on a treadmill, making a soy smoothie, and painting a picture of a soy plant.  None of which he does very well.  The bottom line?  There might be limits to multitasking. 

Still, in a tongue in cheek sort of way, Kilduf has shown us that you can take normally sedentary activities – cooking and painting – and make them more physically active.  So let’s applaud him for burning calories, preparing a healthful snack, and beautifying the world with art. 

What are ways you have turned sedentary or low-intensity daily activities into moderate- or vigorous-intensity physical activities?